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[mmc_content title="Lead Scoring & Distribution" textalign="left" image=""]Identify hot leads quicker and boost productivity with visual lead scoring. The more flames, the hotter a lead is. Infusionsoft automatically keeps score and assigns leads to the appropriate salesperson.[/mmc_content] [mmc_content] [/mmc_content] [mmc_content title="Quotes & Orders" textalign="left" image=""]Save time quoting potential buyers. Create custom quotes and send them via email in a matter of minutes. Customers accept with the click of a button and Infusionsoft automatically converts it into an order.[/mmc_content] [mmc_content] [/mmc_content] [mmc_content title="Sales Automation" textalign="left" image=""]Spend less time working deals and more time closing deals by having all of your sales activities, tasks and appointments in one place. Kick-off follow-up emails, tasks, appointments and more automatically. It’s the fastest way to sell more.[/mmc_content] [mmc_content] [/mmc_content] [mmc_content title="Opportunity Management" textalign="left" image=""]Simplify your sales cycle. Manage your pipeline, sell to individuals or accounts, link multiple contacts, track deals through the process and forecast future sales. Free up your sales team to do more of what they do best.[/mmc_content] [mmc_content] [/mmc_content] [mmc_content title="Sales Reports" textalign="left" image=""]See what’s happening in your business. Pull comprehensive sales reports on conversions and revenue for later viewing or pin them to your dashboard and see them every time you log in.[/mmc_content] [mmc_content] [/mmc_content] [mmc_content title="Ready to get started?" bgcolor="F3F3F4"] See how Infusionsoft can help your business get more leads, grow sales and save time. [mmc_content_links class="" textalign="left" link1="#" linktext1="See product video" link2="#"] [/mmc_content]